Abbas Ali Shah ………. Sketch Artist



I am Abbas Ali Shah , a self-taught artist residing in Abbottabad , pursuing an Architecture Degree from National College of Arts Lahore.

I was passionate about art from the start and used to draw cartoon characters a lot in my childhood but later on like every other child in Pakistan you are always destined to be either an Engineer or a Doctor by you parents, and you are always told to focus on your studies rather than doing artworks since these are wasting your time. So I left that hobby of mine , after a few years there was the person on Facebook whose Artwork I always admire. His work becomes motivation for me and that was the point I started to take art seriously.

I started with pencil Portraits but later on, I started exploring and learning new art forms these past years. Most of the work done by me is in Mix Media.
I don’t follow any specific style , I just do it like I want it do be done.

My work is mostly in Abstract which is based on stories of people in my surroundings. I mostly try to portray feelings and hidden emotions of people in my artwork.