Adil Siddiqui ………… Designer

Mumbai, India


Whatever I have achieved in my life is because of design. If you ask me what I would have done or how my life would have been if I was not a designer? the answer that I get from myself is, nothing.

Although I discovered my love for design very late, but when I did everything changed. I’ve learnt a lot ever since then, about design and also in the process about lot of other things. Design has helped me develop empathy, at times it also helps me calm down (not when there is a deadline though)

The fact that as I designer I create something which never existed before gives me immense pleasure.

I started out as a Graphic Designer but soon developed interest in Product Design. Where I have to study the user and his behavior closely and design around it. It’s fascinating because it is kind of like you’re learning about human psychology, trying to understand one’s behavior and how they react to certain things. Also the fancy visuals are also part of the final product. So I get to do and learn much more.

Also, I love staring at sunsets & sunrise :)


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