Ali Atif Karim …………. Film Maker

Lahore, Pakistan

Processed with VSCO with b5 preset

Hello, my name is Ali Atif. I am a photographer and film student currently studying in NCA Lahore. My love for films and photography are intertwined. I live in Northern Areas Pakistan, which is surrounded by the world’s largest mountain ranges.  The mountains are my biggest inspiration and my work is mainly around such overwhelming landscapes. I started working on film photography for the past four years and have been completely captivated by it. I like the medium of film because you have to be patient and precise to capture the right moment. Due to the lack of film and its unavailability in Pakistan I use expired films which are unpredictable at times. The films may turn out ruined, while some are surprisingly better than I imagined. The limitation of the film is that you can not view your image just after taking it, which makes you wonder what you possess. I like that feeling, the unknowing surprise waiting to reveal itself is why I continue to take pictures. For me,  a single frame of film is like a painting with a story behind it.


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