Aritro Banerje …………. Actor, Writer & Comedian



” I am working with theatre companies and the occasional YouTube video, and stand up comedy gigs keep coming up here and there and I love dabbling with new characters.

I think the great thing about acting is that you get to see things, experience them. You take something and see what happens when you tear it apart and see whats in it a part of that process is you get to meet such vibrant people that it really shocks you that such personalities and people exist and you get to learn so much from them, Acting has been a part of me from a very young age, me and my sister would always reenact a lays ad that we would watch on TV or I would just go all out and see my favorite Jim Carrey movies. He was the inspiration for trying out things and not regretting them he said a line once that has stuck with me “your need for acceptance can make you invisible in this world” I keep that alive with stand up comedy to make people laugh and make them realize that a mistake or something necessarily wrong could make you weak but when you put a little humor in it you can find that everything and anything will work for you grin emoticon ” –   Aritro Rudraneil Banerje