Becky D’costa…… Musician, Dancer & Photographer


Becky D'costa

Music and dance for me are passages to other dimensions where I can express myself freely. Where I know that no one will judge me on how I look or speak or even my grades ! They hides emotions, stories, thoughts, souls, secrets, which I think is amazing.
Anybody looks beautiful in movement because a sense of rhythm can be found, which is soothing and comforting to one’s soul.
We also learn a lot about our emotional selves through music. It has the ability to unlock parts of our mind that went missing in action long ago.

Photography is about telling stories and more importantly protecting memories. As a photographer, when I click a picture of someone and that someone’s face lights up- best, feeling ,ever!! Its the same with hooping, while it gives me unexplainable happiness, its great when people are entertained by just watching you , as they too forget their worries for a while which makes you feel awesome! Yes, awesome is the word , and happy, very happy !

For me these are all beautiful mediums through which I get to express myself. When I indulge myself in any of these, I can feel the bad of life being left behind and that the world is a better place. ”  Becky D’costa