Fahd Saleem …………….. Photographer

Lahore, Pakistan


I like immersing myself in my work yet it scares me how obsessive and immovable I can become when I am, as they say, ‘in the flow of it’.

I am half way through my last year as a Fine Arts major at The National College of Arts, Lahore and have not specifically stuck to a particular medium or technique. It was an irksome thought at first but it has given me the freedom to change material and surface according to what is necessary to my creative process rather than the media dictating my creativity. It gets frustrating when experiments fail (and they fail more often than they succeed) but you keep learning.

Travelling and photography help clear my mind so I tend to escape the clutches of urban cities to the Northern areas whenever the situation permits. Nothing like the mountains, clear air and the stars to get a procrastinator up and working.