Garima Katiya …………. Illustrator

Mumbai, India

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When I first started doodling, I was very bad at it. Believe me, so very bad that I couldn’t even draw a straight line or a circle. I wanted to make so many things but I didn’t bother, because I was sure I wouldn’t make it correct.
But slowly! Trying so hard, A marker was, all I needed.
After months of doodling, I picked up a brush. My first painting was not a painting, but It turned out so much better than what I expected,& I was so proud of myself.
Since then, doodling & painting have been two of my biggest getaways! One thing I adore about painting is that I don’t put the brush down, till I’m done. I think about things, I talk to myself, I laugh, I sing.
I’ve come up from not being able to make a single correct circle to filling art journals & notebooks because I can’t stop creating and trying.Looking at what I’ve made makes me so warm inside.
Yess I love doodling, I love playing with colors.