Hammad Gillani …….. Visual Artist

Lahore, Pakistan

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I m an artist and i love every medium and style of it

I compare my work with the behavior of the society or an individual. There are always multiple realities in our society and in the behavior of the individual. As humans, we always see what we want to see and it is based on one’s interest.
With that, we also encounter different kinds of extremism. It can be social extremism or religious extremism or extremism in the behavior of an individual.

We as a society have come to terms with the existence of extremist behavior but we have failed to question why it exists.
We always imagine that big and traumatic events cause this heightened behavior  but I think every kind of extremism is developed due to very small unnoticeable and tiny moments. And if we want to control these behaviors we have to follow the same rule . We have to give due importance to these small moments.
I tried to translate this idea in my work, by the combining two different opposing art practices in one painting.
One is gestural abstraction which is spontaneous and the other is that traditional miniature technique which is very settled, very slow, very detailed.

In my work gestural abstraction represents the extremist behavior of either society or individual And the process of work represents the development of this behavior.