Ifra Mahmood …………….. Painter & Miniature Artist



Being an artist I got better with visuals rather than words, narrating stories through visuals, recording moments from photographs has always been important for me. The process of mimicking old artifacts as its original state in my paintings allows me to preserve those woven moments and experience the texture of those times.

Having ancestors migrated from different parts of India. Migration, travelling and documentation are essential involuntary processes behind my work, since I’ve always been involved in it.

Academically, I graduated from the prestigious art college in Pakistan, ‘National College of Arts’ Lahore in January 2016 with Bachelors of Fine arts (Miniature painting). We’ve reached to this point after a long process of exploration with mediums therefore I won’t confine myself to just this genre of medium. I have and will continue to disclose myself in practicing my art for further involvement.