Jahanzaib Akmal ……………… Visual Artist

Lahore, Creatyst


Art has always been the greatest passion in my life. Right from the word go, I have ever been a keen observer having the salient instinct of adaptability with the diversity of variations. Observing things in my surroundings and then drawing them, feeling pleasure in doing so. This instinct grew stronger with every day passing in my life and broadening the horizons of my visual perception and producing new ideas in the art brought greatest internal pleasures to my life, I recently graduated from National College of Arts Lahore in January 2016 in miniature painting. Growing up in Quetta I spent most of my time playing video games.


My works involve a nostalgia of 8-bit and old historic miniature and western paintings, which describe the fascination of the games from the 80’s. Its significance is something I won’t pin down to anyone concern.


Right now I am working on different mediums, and experimenting, because for me art is all about experimentation, and that experiments could be successful and unsuccessful because that’s how you learn.