Kabeer Khurana ……….. Filmmaker

Mumbai, India


Film-making, to my understanding, is about having a great mix of passion, aesthetics, sensitivity, skill and creativity.
I want to make films that challenge the viewer, both intellectually and visually. I want to make impactful films that have hard-hitting messages, films that people ponder over long after they are finished seeing it. I want to make films that are iconoclastic, that question the system and set the ball rolling.
Visually, I want each shot of my films to look like a ‘picture-postcard’, artistically made with a distinct visual style.
I’m inspired by the works of Spielberg, Wes Anderson, Scorcese, Pete Docter, and Nolan for their excellence and thought provoking ideas that extend the language of cinema.


Website – http://www.kabeerkhurana.co.vu/