Kaiz Jaffer ……… Designer, Photographer & Entrepreneur

Mumbai, India

Many of the top international brands have their manufacturing operations in India. However, their products come back into the Indian market in later seasons when they are old and out of fashion. This didn’t make sense to me and I decided to launch my own clothing company called Urban Flux on the 5th of February, 2014.
My father is a shoe designer and ever since I was in school, he encouraged me to think creatively. I’ve been applying concepts that I come across in day to day life to my design. I believe that everything is interconnected and a good designer is able to draw that connection.
Space and time come together to create a single, unified universe. It is said that time cannot be paused.¬†¬†However, a photo can capture a moment forever. I’ve already learnt how to capture time, once I master space I will be ready to take over the universe.