Khyati Trehan …………. Graphic Designer

New Delhi, India

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I’m a graphic designer who’s awed and overwhelmed by how much there is to learn within communication design. I was introduced to art in my school, Mirambika. The school didn’t limit my education to textbooks and fostered creativity with the ‘learning by doing’ approach to education. We’d make bridges over ponds to learn about architecture, go to France to learn French, do pottery and carpentry between maths and science, and take music, theatre, and art as seriously as any other subject. The beginning of my design journey, though, was at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. I was suddenly living amongst hundreds of insanely talented people from across the country, inside a heritage building, with a rich design history. I still want to be as much of a student as I can and explore all possible nooks and crannies of visual communication.



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