Kosha Deliwala …………. FilmMaker

Mumbai, India


All my life I have been driven by some sort of a creative force. After doing a series of odd jobs and trying to find where I fit in, I realised that my one true calling was PopoKoko Productions. For over a year, my partner and I worked at our respective jobs during the day, and at night we would moonlight as stop motion artists. But compared to sitting in front of a computer at your boring desk for long hours, I would any day choose waking up to new fun ideas in the brightest of colours!


I’m proud to be a full time stop motion artist now and feel like a magician who gives life to inanimate objects. The rewards I work for are the smiles that spread through people’s faces when they see the final video, whether it’s a bride waiting for her save the date invite or a brand waiting for their product launch video. It’s worth every click on my camera!



Facebook Page – https://www.facebook.com/popokokoproductions