Mandeep Singh ……. Entrepreneur & Photographer

Delhi, India

unnamed (11)
Hola! I’m Mandeep and people call me Mr. Scoobled.
So it was just another weekend and I was watching Hachiko and then I thought of creating a platform where in folks who adore their pets or folks who are allured with any kind of pet activity, can pitch in together, share and discuss matters together. I started with a group on Facebook added my friends who have pets.The stage was all set by now!
It’s been a year since I started this forum and I am amazed to see the way it has flourished. The variety of requests and services which we as a group have been able to provide is so diverse. Scoobled is not just a group for dog lovers, we have been so much more! From dog adoptions to foster homes, from queries to house checks, from pet care to spreading awareness. We have done it all. I think we as a community have made a little difference to the society. The forum stays alive and it brings a smile on my face every time I see a pet being adopted or some other help being given.
Other than spending time on Scoobled, I’m a wannabe photographer, a quirky traveler and technology quality analyst by profession.
It’s an exciting and adventurous life – The world of travel, cultures, people, pets and photography – All rolled into one.