Mansoor Khan ……. Musician

Goa, India

I have been born and brought up in a musicians family which by default made me a musician. I belong to one of the oldest musical Gharanas(lineage) of this country which is 7 generations old and hence inherited this form of art from my father.
I am currently working as a Software Engineer for a reputed banking technology firm and pursue music part time as a Sitar player and music producer. I handle both my professions equally and tried to combine technology and music by working on several projects such as the ACPAD- The World’s first Wireless MIDI Controller for Guitar and done research on the sound of the Sitar at IIT Bombay. I wish to pursue a full time career in music soon as a Professional Sitar Player. I have moved to Mumbai recently for work purpose but may be soon freelancing in music! I also run a media website www.edmofy.comfor promotion of music and events. My other hobbies include Reading and Cooking.
I believe “Music is the closest path to eternal bliss” – Mansoor