Marjan Baniasadi …………. Painter


My name is Marjan 23 from Iran. I recently graduated from national college of arts Lahore, Pakistan in bachelors of fine arts and practicing Art there.
My interest in arts started when I began to look at things differently and questioned things around me, which was in an early age. Raised in Iran and living some years of my life abroad, observing the difference and contrast between people, place and how my life is different in each place made me question the boundaries, cultures and beliefs.
My dream is to travel independently all over the world and explore as much as I can.
To me art is not a career choice it’s a life choice. Life is too short to make a wrong decision .In high school, I studied science; not by my choice, but my family’s wishes, and somehow I always felt something was missing. I always came back to painting as my creative outlet.
Looking at future, it is exciting and I see the person that I am becoming is always effective of what had been done to make it. Today wont repeat, Its one life gotta make dreams come true.