Maryam Baniasadi ………….. Painter

Lahore, Pakistan


Maryam Baniasadi from Tehran, Iran , I graduated in Miniature department from National College of Arts ,Lahore Pakistan in January 2016.

For me, there are always new ways of observing and experiencing one’s surroundings and then translating them in a unique and a more individualistic manner no matter how similar the situation maybe it changes with time and the space we are in.

I chose miniature painting as a language that could connect me with my country Iran in the best possible way. Studying in Pakistan I would often travel back to Iran, but that was only through my mind and through painting, never physically, though.

Displacement provoked me to depict my daily life routine in Pakistan into narrative miniatures with a contemporary subject.
I like experimenting new things and ideas and right now I’m working on other mediums and styles too.