Medha …….. Actor



” I remember growing up discovering that it wasn’t one, but several different things that would fulfil my need for self-expression. I did my first professional play at the age of 14 to a sold out show and I knew this was meant to be in the larger scheme of things. I also grew up in a family where art and poetry was second nature to all members.

I soon began sketching portraits and eventually progressed to making acrylic canvases. From penning blog entries, to writing features for some of the top fashion magazines of the country, I wrote quite a bit for a variety of mediums. I even wrote and directed theatre productions that traveled to theatre festivals in U.K. and ran to packed audiences who seemed to love every bit of it.

The one thing that remained constant in all of this was that I was always on stage, performing and expressing myself. I soon took up acting in front of the camera and did numerous TV commercials for a wide range of popular brands including Cadbury’s, Bingo chips, Nivea, Maybelline, etc. I have now embarked on the journey of a film actor and have an exciting schedule of shoots planned ahead for this year. ” – Medha

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