Muneerah Latifah …………… Painter, Calligrapher & Writer



Hello, my name is Muneerah Latifah Yate. I am an Artist. I’m 22, 1 of 7, half English & Iranian and my favorite color is teal. I currently suffer from anxiety and OCD, but I won’t forever; anything can be overcome. I’m a Painter, Calligrapher & Writer, residing in London and Scotland. My passion and drive for Art come from my dedication to God and the sole aim to express the beauty of Islam. Aside from painting, I also have a blog where you’ll find yourself reading a slightly bizarre girl’s stream of consciousness strategically splattered into writing. I create the work I do in the hope to challenge; to teach; to help; to influence; to spread positivity & knowledge; to create beauty. And hopefully not to add too much to our ever increasing obsession with materialism, but instead to create items of purpose and value that last, are taken care of and appreciated very very dearly.


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