Parmar Swapneel ………. Photographer & Cinematographer

Mumbai, India


I am Swapneel Parmar. I am 22. Basically, I am a freelance photographer, cinematographer and video editor. I have been always fascinated by film making. I was introduced to the world of photography at a very young age by my father. He himself is a photographer and guided me through all the basics needed. That was the phase from where I was interested in this arena. Then came the college glory. My work was appreciated a lot in my college years which pushed me more into it. There is no greater feeling than, that when you go to college and there is this group of people waiting for you everyday just to get clicked by you. My college friends have been a great support system of mine.


They have been through my journey from an amateur photographer to a professional with diverse skills which were not just limited to photography but film making, editing and graphics too. After I completed my college I entered into the market for competition. The Rejection was something which I faced every now and then. Though my confidence and my passion never left me. Gradually I started doing shoots of all kinds. Whether be it a wedding or personal. My clients were liking my work and spread the word about me. I have launched two calendars till now and right now working on my third. Everyday when I look at my camera, it gives me a new hope to work every time, the camera makes me feel complete.


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