Pooja Thanawala ………….. Dancer & Choreographer

Mumbai, India


I am Pooja Thanawala, Dancer / Choreographer

Dancing is breathing to me. Dance makes the world a better place to live in. Since I was a two-year-old, I went to a dance class and the joy of tapping my feet has been beyond words ever since.

Taking up my passion for dance as a profession keeps me excited 24 X 7. I thoroughly enjoy choreographing Wedding Sangeets, teach students different dance forms. The best part about being a choreographer is that you spread happiness through dance to kids, adults, senior citizens and you not only get to be with them but learn so much every day!!

When you dance, it is a euphoric feeling, as if you are in a different world altogether. I can understand a person by the way they dance because it is so pure and natural.

Soon, i intend to start a Heeling through Dance Movement that would help people to relieve their stress, focus on their work, live a peaceful and soothing life. I wish to keep dancing till I live and spread the joy of dancing forever.

Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/dancemania.pooja