Raafia Javed ……….. Photographer


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My name is Raafia and I’m just another 20 years old, from a small city of Pakistan about which people rarely know. I never wanted to be addictive to capturing pictures but everyone in their lives, wants to run away from something they don’t want to face. Such was my passion for photography. Despite the fact that I didn’t possessed my own personal cellphone or any professional equipment, I used to ask my sister to lend me her phone and began my persuit of capturing and stuffing whatever I could find around me in the tiny camera lens. What truly inspired me was and to this day, is the sky. The beautiful spectrum of shades is miraculous. The fact that we all exist under the same sky helps to shrink the distances amongst us and we feel even more connected and chained to one another – just like Instagram does its splendid job. The passion was there badly than ever but it’s always difficult when you can’t travel much, you can’t go out and experience things like everyone does. That’s the point where I think, life’s unfair to some. But it never disappoints me, I’m glad that I’ve found something that really helped me to escape from the bitter reality for some time and create a world of your own.


Just last few words for those who think that without having all the fancy stuff or regular classes or experience, they won’t be able to do what they want to do, please do what you can with the limited you have, the only thing that matters is trying, and always try hard.