Ria Shah ……. Origami Artist & Photographer

Mumbai, India

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Along with being a multimedia artist, I am also an origami artist and a freelance photographer. For me, the world is a creation of our mind. A very real projection of what we see and how we perceive it and it’s this perception that ultimately defines us. Thus to define me, I want to tell you what I see. I see the world as full of colours, where every moment we pass and every person we meet adds a different stroke, a new shade to the canvas of life. My life is a multi-coloured painting! I work under the banner of Ori-queenia. Ori-queenia just came to me as a force of happiness in 2015. Everything for me revolves around origami and photography. Origami is something that gives me immense exuberance. When it comes to photography, we do it with a little twist. We incorporate origami props in all our photo shoots.