Rome Chopra …….. Actor

New York


Rome has pursued his passion of acting and story telling more seriously since he began college in 2010. He is looking to showcase his talent and gain a group of supporters and mentors. Rome likes to create films that have personal connections. His method of storytelling involves using quotes that he likes and then building a story behind it to portray the moral of the quote. He believes this way one has tunnel vision and can complete the story without having side distractions.

Rome was born in Princeton, New Jersey and then relocated to Jakarta, Indonesia until he was twelve years old. He has been highly active and involved in the arts since his younger days. From filmmaking, to dancing, to acting, to singing, Rome has dabbled in many aspects of performing arts and the skill set he has developed over the years is relevant to the Indian & Western film industries. He graduated from Rutgers University, and now is attending Johns Hopkins University for a Masters in Finance. Somewhere down the line, once he has created a larger portfolio of work, he plans to venture to India to explore his creative ventures and try his luck in the industry. That is his planned route thus far.