Ruchi Jain Shah …………… Make-up Artist

Mumbai, India

I am a lawyer by profession and also completing my CS course. Like all, I ran behind my profession after getting my degree but I never felt happy in what I was doing. So one fine day frustrated with myself I deeply thought what I like and I did not get any answer and continued my work. But one fine day while I was in an electronic store for shopping with my parents,my eyes caught the attention on a TV on which a makeup demo was going on. I carefully watched it and kept on watching it ( in the mean while my parents were done with their shopping). I was so fascinated by the makeup that I went home and tried doing the same makeup. That’s when I realized that this is it I am going to learn makeup and go ahead with it. But it was not so easy to convince my parents cause they wanted me to for obvious “PROFESSION” reasons continue with my job. In less than 3 months from when I started my job, I left it.
I then put my foot down and very clearly stated that I want to do a makeup course. But in the mean while, I got engaged and then married. I still didn’t leave on what I was stuck on to. Finally, my husband and parents and in-laws realized that this is what I would love to do and supported me towards living my dream. Today they are happy with the way I do makeup. I can proudly say that YES I AM DOING WHAT I LOVE AND NOT LOVING WHAT I AM DOING.