Rumana Haaris ……………. Illustrator

Bangalore, India

I was born and raised in Coorg, worked as an engineer in Wipro for 2 years in Mysore and currently working for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Bangalore. I am an introvert who loves doodling, loves watching stars and loves travelling/trekking. I am a wildlife photographer hobbyist. I also write and read often while I am head banging to Metallica. If I could sum up my life in one line I would call myself “one of the helper-people”. I have that passion to make a difference. I loved doodling since my school days. I always used to stand guilty of doodling during class hours because lectures used to bore me. Doodling was like “Day dreaming” for me during College days. I used to get distracted from the main activity at hand when it came to doodling.

With a passion for doodle art and illustration I always try to mix the two in my work.  My doodle art features personal stories which also combine child-like doodles with expressive illustrations.

And that’s why the tagline – “Turn your memories into art!”
When I was a kid growing up near the cold hills of Coorg, I had just two passions – the love for every living thing and drawing. As I grew, I added two more passions – a natural extension of my childhood wonders. My love for every living thing grew into philanthropy, and my love for drawing grew into photography. These four passions define me, and with DoodleNinja, I am trying to combine these parts of my elemental nature into one elaborate and beautiful attempt to help those in need.

To do that, I will contribute 30% of all profits earned from this site towards the betterment of animals in need, and to the betterment of people in need. I also have plans to team up with local NGOs, one working with endemic critically endangered animals, the other working with the mentally disabled, and hopes to make a small impact in the lives of the few it can touch.

I hope that my customers find joy in the artwork they purchase from this site. And, more importantly, the I hope that they are warmed by the thought that a large portion of their money is being diverted towards humane ventures.