Sadia G ……….. Designer, Illustrator & Doodler

Lahore, Pakistan

Reading and drawing are two things that have been close to my heart since I was six. Both opened up magical new worlds for me- books led me into these magical realms, while pens helped me create them.
My Prisms and Paintbrushes journey started with a little HP printer and a lonely gap year. After A levels, I wanted a break from academics. I had just moved to Lahore and had some friends. I did what I do best- read a lot, drew a lot, experimented on that old printer, and Prisms and Paintbrushes was born. P&P is a stationary and lifestyle brand with everything illustrated by me, of course. I’d define my work for P&P as fun, fresh and current with a whole lot of feminist vibes. Ever since I’ve found out that I can live off my passions- I’ve been over the moon.
My second brand, Absolutely Booked was born a few months ago, when I realized that Pakistan needed an exceptional book subscription box service. Our first box was back in July- we had the latest Harry Potter book, in our box, along with a bunch of Harry Potter themed items. Book Subscription boxes are so much fun for old and new readers, because when done right, you get a surprise book (which you might never pick up otherwise) and some book themed items (like bookmarks, book-scented candles etc) that help you get into your current read. It’s really, as I like to call it- Absolute Bibliophilic Bliss. Aside from my two brands, I’m currently doing my BA from NCA. Yes, things can get stressful, but I am so grateful to be doing what I truly love that I really can’t complain.