Sanchari Chaudhuri ………………. Photographer

Kolkata , india


If I have to go back, without any difficulty I can pin point the day in January a couple years back when I took a picture of Victoria Memorial. It was the first time I’d been there. You cannot really think of Calcutta without Victoria’s magnificent glory, and I thought I must have a photo on principle.

Years later, with better equipment and marginally better skills, it’s still my favorite photo. As it is with the most important things, I don’t think I realized what an impact that shot would have when I stood there taking that photo.

The thing with photography is, it makes you infinitely more aware of the space around you. You notice things you wouldn’t otherwise. And it evolves your perspective in a way nothing else can.

Over the time I’ve unconsciously merged photography with Calcutta. And I’ve grown with it, understood this city (or tried to) and understood, even more, how important it is to notice these things around me. Most importantly because, Calcutta, as a city, is not inert. And the life and chaos that mingles so effortlessly here is the reason I do what I do. In a way, it’s a small way of thanking it for inspiring me (and many others) the way it has.