Shikha Nambiar ………. Graphic Designer & Illustrator

Bangalore, India


I am a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based out of Bangalore. I started my career as a corporate lawyer, before answering my inner calling of pursuing art and design. It was a huge leap of faith to put aside the 8 years I had invested in law and switch to something I had always wanted to pursue. 

On a given day, I can be found doodling, illustrating postcards and trying my hand at different forms of art and craft. My work is inspired by my travels, culinary exploits, visual experiences and social exchanges. Though I am proficient with digital tools, nothing gives me more joy than making things with my bare hands. My doodles are something most people can relate to and I hope to always keep that alive. I believe in the power of dreams and aspire to be a travel illustrator.” – Shikha 

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