Soni Satpathy Singh ……… #Writer #Chef #Comic

Mumbai, India


Soni is a professional recipe tester, writer, and comic not so neatly rolled in one! Armed with a culinary arts and Anthropology degree, Soni has always used food as a way to explore culture and how that defines the premise of you are what you eat.

As a proud Odiya-American, she gravitated towards the cuisine of her heritage moreso than anything else. She set out to create a cookbook and chronicle the culinary customs and nuances of her community through interviews and group cooking sessions. What she found was often times as comical as it was insightful and her love for story telling turned into vignettes by way of comics. She has thus created Sketchy Desi, a company that offers gift items and apparel that speak to the unique second generation experience in the Desi diaspora and the comedy that ensues between generations and amongst hyphenated identification being Desi-American.

Soni’s official website will premiere in July 2015 and, along with her products, will also showcase her recipes, observations, and experiences of being unabashedly sketchy and desi.