Surbhi Mehta ……… Architect & Designer

Mumbai, India

Why always the same story? Sometimes one overnight idea can change your life. 
Always been a DIY junkie, Design Lover, Concept Cracker and a People's Person. That’s when My partner realised I can really be an inventor who changes people’s lives. So here we are with our brain child 'Project Happiness' - Your get away designed with love ( Curators : Surbhi•Hitesh ), which is all about Everything you need, to transform a mundane space into something cheery, bright and colorful.
So well it was an overnight idea by him while I was still pursuing my degree in design And bang on, within no time we were living a start-up and an entrepreneurs life and we absolutely love our job. 
For most people, the formula for achieving success in life is to study hard, getgood grades, get into a good business school or university and work your way up the ladder. My definition for success is a great idea, enormous passion and a willingness to absolutely work hard until it takes off and you solve the millions of problems! And finally, surround yourself with the right people. 
Even after a year, We still love getting up every morning and being a part of this great adventure. We will keep doing it as long as We love it and who knows where we could end up next. And yes, we haven't reached the edge of the map yet. There is lots on the to-do list. This is just the beginning. 
Whoever is reading this, you are wonderful and please don't ever let go off your dreams and passion. That is what will make you, YOU❤️

Instagram page :  @the.project.happiness