Zarlasht Kamran ….. Photographer

Lahore, Pakistan

I like to call myself a dreamer and adventurer. I observe, admire, create. Its not easy. Its not just a click of the button. Its 10 different angles, muscle pulls, and not being satisfied until you end up with a million images to choose from. But its a beautiful process of observation and inspiration. Finding magic in everything. Being fascinated with everything. Recently I also shot a fashion show promo. It made me realize what more I can do with my camera that I didn’t know I was good enough for before. I love to travel, socialize, learn. Know places, people, cuisines, music, histories, aspirations, and explore. Our world has so much more to offer and every single person has so much to offer back to the world. And I think of myself as someone documenting all these forms of beauty that go unnoticed.